“So, are you guys trying?” Trying. Ugh. It always feels weird to say it. Once I was married, suddenly everyone was interested to know whether my husband and I were “trying,” inquiring in an easy tone like they were simply…Read more

Next Time, Get the Custard Tart

I don’t know about you, but on occasion I find myself in a situation where I start to look for hidden cameras. It is a situation that I feel can’t possibly be happening in the realm of reality, so I…Read more

Whitney & the K-town Iguana



You haven’t lived until you have lived with a horny Iguana.

My first year out of University, in the early spring, I landed a role in a play in Kitchener, Ontario. I had never been to Kitchener, though…

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Do You, Miss New York?

My grandparents both grew up in New York. My grandmother told me stories of how she worked as an accounting clerk at Macy’s in the ‘30s. She also remembered when a small plane flew into the Empire State building about…Read more

Shakes on a Plane

The wedding itself was an extraordinary day. An amazing day. The best part for me was when I entered, flanked by my mom and dad, seeing all my friends and family look up at me with this joy-grief-hope-love expression on…Read more

Thor is my Hero

I can still see my classmates from the University of Toronto rolling their eyes. “Ugh, she’s talking about Norway again… hurrgenn flurrgenn blerrrrg.” I would quickly shut my trap and change the subject.

In the year before I started…Read more

Vegas in Hell with the Fairy Queen

As a good, polite Canadian, I spend a fair amount of time wishing I were cooler and having a laugh at my own expense.

This does however put me in some precarious emotional spots. As I am more likely…Read more

Canadian Rain Barrel Idol

Go ahead. Laugh. Please, it would make me feel a little less filthy.

I never thought I would do it. I guffawed snobbishly at those who had done it. But before I could back out, at the ripe age…Read more

Pigeon Mafia Hit

When I sing, I like to wear vintage clothing. And I don't mean obscure-small-town-t-ball-champs-of-1984-t-shirt vintage. I mean, I like to seek out a gem of an outfit, something classy and fitted to suit the music I sing. Vintage dresses just…Read more

Built for Comfort

I’m not fat! I know that. But listen, I’m not 'skinny.' But I’m usually okay with that. When I was twelve, I was skinny. But as many girls afflicted with poor body image, I didn’t think I was skinny. As…Read more