Slurp Derperration

What can make a woman lose her keys four times in a row in the same effing place? Sleep deprivation.
What can make a woman want to ring-hand-punch a noisy dump truck driver who looks like he might be…Read more

Leaving the Cave



Taking the baby into the city for whatever reason or errand can be fairly daunting without a car. Your options, sans auto, are to walk or to take public transit. Sadly, there is only so much within…

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Who takes a baby to a museum?!


Sitting in one's living room, perfecting one's ass print in the sofa from morning til night can be fantastically uplifting and energizing yes, but some days I have loftier ambitions.
As a new mom, there are days when I…

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Birth in Numbers

0 – number of worries I had for most of my pregnancy (well… I lie. The number was higher at the beginning then lessened with each ice cream-filled evening.)
3 – the number of weeks I dealt with mysterious back…Read more

For Q, Who I Love

I owe someone something. And it’s not the 20 bucks I owe you for that time you spotted me for drinks. It’s not the kick up the arse I owe Bill O’Reilly for just being a dick. It’s not the…Read more